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6th December 2016
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Counselling and Psychological Therapy in Twickenham

Susan Stevens
Practitioner Psychologist
MA BSc MSc DPsych Post-Graduate Diploma (CBT)

Sometimes life just gets too hard . . .

Sometimes friends and family can’t be there for you
and your doctor is doing his or her best
but you are left feeling alone and with nowhere else to turn

Perhaps just talking
perhaps talking to a professionally trained counsellor who works confidentially and ethically
perhaps working systematically on a carefully planned programme of psychological therapy
perhaps meeting just once, or a few times, or for as long as it takes

Sometimes these things make all the difference

Susan Stevens is a chartered counselling psychologist, and has been counselling since 2002, in the national health service, in the community, and in private practice. She offers counselling and psychological therapy in Central London and Twickenham, for a wide range of the psychological and emotional difficulties that people can go through:

addictions • anger • anxiety
bereavement and loss • body dysmorphic disorder • bullying • chronic fatigue
confidence and assertiveness • cultural, ethnicity and language differences and difficulties
depression • eating issues • health anxiety • obsessive/compulsive problems • panic • phobias • racist abuse
relationship problems • self-esteem problems • self-harming • sexual issues • sleep difficulties • social anxiety • stress
traumatic experiences, including post-traumatic stress and abusive experiences
work problems

Susan currently practises as a psychologist and cognitive behaviour therapist in Twickenham. If you think that counselling or psychological therapy with Susan might help you, or if you are not sure and would like to find out more, please contact her:

07596 126067

Currently providing counselling and psychological therapy in Twickenham only, convenient for Richmond, Whitton, Hampton and Kingston on Thames
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